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2018 Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium and IC WORLD Conference held in Yizhuang, Beijing

The"2018 Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium and IC WORLD Conference" ("IC WORLD") is held on the 22nd in Beijing Yizhuang (Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone). This is the first time that the Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium has been “expanded” in the past 19 years. In addition to the academic conferences gathered in the industry, more than 200 upstream and downstream enterprises in the IC industry participated in the exhibition. The theme of the conference is "Technology Innovation Leading, Industry Chain Collaborative Development", which aims to promote the vertical integration of integrated circuits and the synergy between industry, university and research institutes based on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, enhance the influence and attractiveness of Beijing IC industry, and help Beijing National Science and Technology. Innovate the construction of the center and build a multi-layer communication platform.

The first IC WORLD conference is a deep extension and “expansion” of the Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium. It consists of two parts: academic conference and exhibition. Among them, the academic conference gathered more than 300 well-known experts, scholars and business leaders, around the development status and trends of the integrated circuit industry, sensors, electronic components and their manufacturing, key equipment and materials, artificial intelligence, intelligent network, new energy vehicles Such as the emerging market hotspots and investment and financing of the semiconductor industry to carry out high-level academic exchanges. The Expo exhibited a batch of the latest achievements and technologies of the integrated circuit industry, and through the establishment of a communication platform for related enterprises in the industrial chain, in order to achieve the purpose of the industry to jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of the integrated circuit industry.

The integrated circuit industry is the core of the information technology industry. It plays a key role in helping the manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade digitally and intelligently. As a national integrated circuit industry, Beijing IC industry has formed a good momentum of vigorous development. The scale continues to grow, the industrial space layout is perfect, the product coverage is wide, the upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain are complete, and the innovation and entrepreneurial ecology is continuously improved. Statistics show that in the past ten years, the average annual growth rate of Beijing's IC industry has reached 16.1%. The self-developed chip products involve information industry such as mobile communication terminals, and are in the technical level of mobile intelligent terminals, semiconductor memories, image sensors and other fields are in the forefront of the country.

As the venue of the first IC WORLD conference, Beijing Yizhuang has held the Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium four times in succession. Behind the “favored”, it is its solid industrial foundation and strong industrial development atmosphere. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 50 existing integrated circuit companies in Yizhuang, Beijing, which has formed a complete industrial chain integrating design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment, parts and materials enterprises. A group of representative enterprises and research institutions have undertaken a series of major national science and technology special tasks, and achieved a number of achievements in the development of key equipment and materials, advanced technology and industrialization, and also established Beijing's national IC industry. The leading position in the layout. The data shows that the size of Beijing Yizhuang IC industry accounts for 1/2 of Beijing's total. In 2017, the industrial output value reached 21.5 billion yuan.


Beijing Internation Seminar on Micro-Electronics & IC WORLD Conference

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