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Talk about the development of integrated circuits - how do fish and bear's paw have both?

In 2018, it coincided with China's 40 years of reform and opening up, and at the same time it was the invention of integrated circuits for 60 years. As for this year's hot topics, "integrated circuit" is destined to be in the middle.

Among the various discussions on integrated circuits, the most widely heard is that China "many integrated circuits cannot be produced, they have to rely on imports, and they are stuck by others." This is a fact. However, our country has made very significant progress in the development of the integrated circuit industry over the years. If we look at the amount of imports from integrated circuits, it is indeed increasing year by year. In addition, we can also see that the self-sufficiency rate of China's integrated circuit products is also steadily rising. In the past few years from 2012 to 2017, some domestic institutions are optimistic that the self-sufficiency rate has increased from 20% to nearly 40%, and according to the most conservative data abroad, the self-sufficiency rate has increased from 7.2% to 11.2%. Therefore, although because of historical reasons, we have a low starting point and many twists and turns, but the gap has been shrinking.

Of course, everyone knows that most of the integrated circuits that we can produce are low-end and mid-range products, and the domestic market share in the core devices is still almost zero. In an electronic product design, dozens of integrated blocks may be used, and as long as one of them is missing, the entire product will not work. Well, then, if our goal is to make all kinds of integrated circuits can be manufactured by themselves, and the self-sufficiency rate reaches 100%?

The answer should be no.

Maybe someone will ask why – isn’t it better to make all the localization?

In fact, even in countries with a strong electronics industry like the United States, integrated circuits can't be 100% localized.

In his book "Dare to Say "No", Sony Chairman Akio Morita said in some exaggeration that if there is no Japanese chip, the United States will not win the Gulf War. Unlike other industries, integrated circuits cannot pursue all-round development. Pursuing full control is led by market, which is a contradiction that requires careful balance. This is because there are too many types of integrated circuits. It is impossible for a country to take all the categories in any way. Second, because of the different industrial development backgrounds, there will always be long-term and weak points, and  if they develop in areas that are not good at, it will cost huge investment and scattered strength, it is difficult to gain market advantage. Therefore, the international division of labor is indispensable and unavoidable. In short, integrated circuits are a globalized industry. It is impossible to achieve success by closing the door. Reform, opening up and international cooperation are the inevitable result of industrial development.

After saying this, there is another news to tell you in advance: From October 22nd to 24th, there will be a big event in the IC industry - 2018 Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium and IC WORLD Conference will be held in the international exhibition. Two main forums and 10 special forums provide the stage for the leading figures in the industry. If you want to understand the development trend of the integrated circuit industry at home and abroad, listen to the analysis and opinions of experts, please do not miss this good opportunity.


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