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Beijing North Huachuang Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beijing North Huachuang Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Beifang Huachuang Microelectronics) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of North Huachuang Technology Group Co., Ltd. (002371.SZ: North Huachuang). North Huachuang is a restructuring of Qixing Electronics and Northern Microelectronics. It is currently the only A-share listed company in China's high-end integrated circuit equipment industry.


The main products of North Huachuang Microelectronics include high-end semiconductor process equipment and core components such as etching, physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition, oxidation/diffusion, cleaning, gas mass flowmeter, etc., which are widely used in integrated circuits, advanced packaging, and semiconductors. Lighting, MEMS, power semiconductors, compound semiconductors, new energy photovoltaics, flat panel displays and other fields.

The company has four manufacturing bases in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhongguancun Electronic City High-Tech Park, Shunyi Tianzhu Export Processing Zone and Pennsylvania, USA. The marketing service system covers major countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia.

With the mission of “excellent creation and building national self-esteem”, North Huachuang continues to carry forward the enterprise spirit of “excellent quality, excellent service, and manufacturing in China”. It is on the world stage and is deeply rooted in the development of China’s high-end microelectronics technology and equipment leading enterprises. Leading the future, persisting in continuous innovation based on customer demand, boosting industrial technology and bringing unlimited possibilities to the industry.

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