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National chip city production ranking

As of August this year, the national chip city production ranking, Shanghai 4th, where is the first?

Chips, as high-end products, technology has been monopolized by developed countries. Until now, our country's technology still has a huge gap with developed countries such as the United States. Huawei has produced its own chips, but the high-end chip market is currently not occupied by us. It can only be said that our war in the field of chips has just started. Regarding chip production, there are also many enterprises in China. Among them, Jiangsu Province ranked first in the country in August this year. The second place is Gansu, followed by Guangdong and Shanghai.

Jiangsu is a fast-growing city. This is obvious to all. Jiangsu Province has a large number of semiconductor companies, and many famous enterprises are also rooted in Jiangsu. Like Hynix in Wuxi and TSMC in Nanjing, these two are famous chip manufacturers. TSMC believes that everyone knows very well. Because Huawei's chips are produced in cooperation with TSMC, TSMC has the most advanced lithography machine, which is also an indispensable tool for producing chips.

The fiery market in the smartphone market has made the business in the chip manufacturing industry quite busy. Therefore, the amount of chip manufacturing is related to the development direction of smart phones, although most of the processors of our national smart phones are imported Qualcomm. However, as long as it has a good quality processor in its own country, I believe many manufacturers will also choose to purchase their own products.

Seeing that Jiangsu Province currently ranks first in chip production, there are different voices on the Internet. Some say that the core technology of the chip is not in our hands, so we are just OEMs and have no practical significance. Even the Indian foundry is compared to the foundries of our country. It’s not good to have a mouth full of China. This statement is too one-sided, can be found in the chip, also shows that we have a certain technical foundation. The field of chips is a long-term development, not just for a long time.

Huawei produces its own independent chips, which consumes a lot of manpower and resources. At the moment of the announcement of success, many people cheered for it. However, few people support Huawei to make their own chips when Huawei has not announced its success. There may be many people who are sneering at Huawei's first-generation chips. What is technically not as good as MediaTek. Yes, the first generation of products always has a lot of exploration factors in it. Compared with the history of domestic chip blanks, it is an amazing step to produce its own chips. But we don't know much about companies in our own country.

Even little is known about the current chip field, which is why a large number of Chinese follow suit after some people have issued the so-called chip failure theory. Since I was a child, this is not self-confidence for ourselves. From a big point, it is a destruction of the country's roots. We cannot tolerate that our country's products have been suppressed. This is a national integrity, but we cannot tolerate that our country's products are worse than others. This is somewhat unreasonable. The domestic chip field requires us to give a strong living space. Therefore, the domestic chip industry also needs the support of our people.

The second place is Gansu, which is believed to have a great relationship with Gansu, the satellite launching base of our country. Because the chip field belongs to the high-tech field, our country's military research institute serves these products. The security of the country lies in the ability to have its own research and development products, and at the same time these products can better maintain the development of our country's military strength.

The third Guangdong is not surprising, because Guangdong has developed rapidly in the last century. The semiconductor industry has always had a good foundation. Shanghai is the fourth, Shanghai is a highly developed first-tier city. With its own high-tech enterprises, Shanghai's geographical location also determines that the factories in Shanghai have more opportunities to go abroad and go to the world. Therefore, Shanghai also has a large number of chip manufacturers. This is also the reason why Shanghai can be short-listed for the top four domestic chip production.


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