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China's semiconductor industry data and fab analysis in 2018

On September 19th, AlibabaChief Technology Officer Zhang Jianfeng said at the Yunxi Conference thatAlibaba established Pingtou Ge Semiconductor Co., Ltd. At present, there arenearly 100 chip teams in Dharma, and most of them have experience in chipmanufacturers such as AMD, ARM, NVIDIA and Intel. Coupled with the recentacquisition of Zhongtianwei, it is estimated that the number of new companieswill reach 200 to 300. In the future, Pingtou Ge Semiconductor will build asmart network chip platform for many industries such as automobiles, homeappliances and industry.

China's semiconductor salescontinue to grow and the market prospects are broad

At present, China'ssemiconductor industry is still in the primary development stage, and itsdevelopment level is lower than the international advanced level. In China'ssemiconductor industry's large-scale introduction, digestion, absorption andindustrial key construction, China has become the largest market in the globalsemiconductor market. Data show that the actual sales of China's semiconductormarket in 2017 was 720.08 billion yuan, an increase of 13.7%. It is estimatedthat the sales of China's semiconductor industry will further increase in 2018,reaching 829.53 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 12.9%.

With the rapid development ofthe semiconductor industry, application scenarios continue to expand, embeddedin various products such as automobiles, and with the emergence of emergingtechnologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the Internetof Things, the market demand for semiconductors continues to expand. The datashows that the size of China's semiconductor market in 2017 was 1.686 billionyuan, an increase of 11.4%. With the continuous growth of China's IC design,manufacturing, packaging and other industries supported by national policies,it is expected that the size of China's semiconductor market will reach 1,855.1billion yuan in 2018, with a growth rate of 12.4%.

Power semiconductors arewidely used

A power semiconductor refersto a semiconductor used in power conversion or power management in anelectronic device. With the urgent need for energy saving and emissionreduction, the application fields of power semiconductors have entered manymarkets such as new energy, rail transit, smart grid, and inverter homeappliances from industrial control and 4C fields.

According to the data, in theglobal power semiconductor market in 2017, the industrial application market accountedfor 34%, the automotive application market accounted for 23%, consumerelectronics applications accounted for 20%, and wireless communicationapplications accounted for 23%.

In recent years, China'ssemiconductor industry has adopted a large-scale introduction, digestion,absorption, and industrial key construction. It will take a long time for Chinato emerge as a world-class semiconductor equipment company, but marginal growthand progress are constantly emerging, and application scenarios are expanding.The scale of China's semiconductor industry will further develop. Driven byboth policy and capital, the Chinese wafer production line has entered a periodof high development since 2016. At present, 17 of the 22 fabs underconstruction in China will be mass-produced from the end of 2017 to 2018.


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