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The world's first iris recognition chip

On September 17, WuhanHongzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (Hongzhi Technology) announced that after sevenyears of technical research and investment of tens of millions of yuan, it hassuccessfully designed and streamed the iris biometric dry core ASIC chip"QX8001".

This is the world's firstiris biometric ASIC chip. It has passed the rigorous function and performancetest, completely solving the three problems of high price, large volume andhigh power consumption, which can greatly promote the popularization of irisbiometrics. For China and even the global iris. The development of thebiometrics industry and the information security industry is of greatsignificance.

The iris is the onlyexternally visible internal organ of the human body. The iris is used to verifythat the identity of the individual has unparalleled advantages such asidentity uniqueness, lifetime stability, security and anti-counterfeiting.

Iris recognition technologyhas been put into practical use in the 1980s, but it has been limited tospecial applications such as government, law enforcement, and finance, andcannot be widely used like fingerprint recognition technology.

Although manufacturers suchas Samsung have tried to import iris recognition into smartphones, they are notaccepted by the market regardless of design, cost and effect.


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