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A major breakthrough! TSMC 5nm immediately trial production

On the evening of October 10th, TSMC, a well-known semiconductor manufacturing company, announced two major breakthroughs in EUV technology. 2019-07-18

National chip city production ranking

As of August this year, the national chip city production ranking, Shanghai 4th, where is the first?2019-07-18

ZTE has developed 10G and 7nm 5G core chips

In the first half of this year, ZTE was restarted by the US Department of Commerce and was banned from using US companies' chips and operating systems, causing the suspension of ZTE's business. 2019-07-18

China's foundry market is expected to increase by 51% this year, TSMC benefits the most

According to semiconductor research firm IC Insights, the global pure wafer foundry market will increase by $4.2 billion in 2018, 90% of which will come from China.2019-07-18

China's semiconductor industry data and fab analysis in 2018

On September 19th, AlibabaChief Technology Officer Zhang Jianfeng said at the Yunxi Conference thatAlibaba established Pingtou Ge Semiconductor Co., Ltd. At present, there arenearly 100 chip teams in Dharma, and most of them have experience in chipman2019-07-18

BOE Participates in IC WORLD Conference

Under the guidance of thetheme of “Technology Innovation Leading, Industrial Chain CollaborativeDevelopment”, ICWORLD World Integrated Circuit Conference is based on theprinciple of “exhibiting the outstanding achievements of China's integratedc2019-07-18

AMD released two Sharp Dragon standard notebook CPU: 14nm 45W, support 3200 memory

On September 18th, AMDannounced two new Acer products in the official website, Ryzen 7 2800H andRyzen 5 2600H. This is a standard voltage processor for notebook platforms.According to earlier reports, they are divided by AMD.2019-07-18

The world's first iris recognition chip

On September 17, WuhanHongzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (Hongzhi Technology) announced that after sevenyears of technical research and investment of tens of millions of yuan, it hassuccessfully designed and streamed the iris biometric dry core ASIC chip"QX2019-07-18

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