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Zhao Jinrong

Mr. Zhao Jinrong is serving as the Director, President and CEO of the 6th session of the Board of NAURA Technology Group Co., Ltd. and concurrently the Chairman of the Board and President of Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd.

He used to be the Deputy Director of Production, Chief Engineer and Executive Deputy Director of Beijing Jianzhong Machinery Factory, the Vice General Manager of Beijing Sevenstar Electronics Co., Ltd., the Chairman of the Board of Beijing Chenjing Electronics Co., Ltd., the Vice General Manager and General Manager of Beijing North Microelectronics Co., Ltd., and the General Manager of Beijing Sevenstar Electronics Co., Ltd..

She is Master, Senior Engineer of professor level, Director General of China Electronic Production Equipment Industry Association, Deputy Director General of BIE, Exclusive Expert of national 02 science and technology major special overall expert group, Executive Chairman of China Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Committee of SEMI, Deputy Director General of China Robot Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance and China IGBT Technology Innovation and Industry Alliance. She was selected into the National Millions of Talents Project in 2014, and was awarded the special government allowance of the State Council in 2015.

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