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Guo Yifan

Dr.Guo Yifan is currently Vice President of Engineering at ASE Group overseeingthe engineering, research and development teams for IC assembly and packagetechnology. He has 30 years of research and manufacturing experience in thefield of IC packaging, including optoelectronic devices, MEMS, flip-chip andwafer-level packaging (WLCSP) and SiP module assembly.

Priorto joining ASE, Dr. Guo worked at Skyworks, IBM and Motorola respectively.

Dr.Guo has published more than 40 papers in renowned scientific journals and morethan 50 papers in proceedings of international conferences. He has collaboratedwith industry experts and professors to publish 7 professional literature andhigh education textbooks. He currently holds 9 patents, and has another 2 underapplication.

Dr.Guo has a Ph.D degree in engineering science and mechanics from the VirginiaPolytechnic Institute & State University,and also earned an MBA degree from the School of Business, RedlandsUniversity.

Beijing Internation Seminar on Micro-Electronics & IC WORLD Conference

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