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Toshihiko Nishigaki

Biography or a Short Self-introduction


Osaka University, Electronics



TKL SVP, Development Division


Name of Forum:

Innovation    in Semiconductor Manufacturing with Intelligent Control


With    the introduction of EUV technology into the mass production, Semiconductor    Manufacturing Technology succeeded to step up to another stage.  At the same time, we are facing the    continuous challenge to maintain the productivity or yield with highly complex    process technology.  Historically    engineers from both of semiconductor manufacturing companies and equipment    suppliers solved issue with their longtime experience and deep process and    equipment knowledge.

On    the other hand, AI or machine learning technology starts showing the    capability to replace or support the human engineers in variety of    industry.  The challenge and future    possibility to introduce those intelligent technology into Semiconductor    Manufacturing will be discussed in this talk.  

Beijing Internation Seminar on Micro-Electronics & IC WORLD Conference

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