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Qian Yongxue

President, General Manager and Legal Representative of HunterSun Electronics Co., Ltd.

Master of Engineering in Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics, Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

With 20 years of working experience in microwave RF industry, he has made significant achievements in RF chip research and led the core team to create five “first” in China with the products researched and developed on their own: the first RF power amplifier module for GSM in China; the first RF front-end module for GSM in China; the first 2G mobile RF front-end module for CMOS technology in China; the first 3G multimode multi frequency mobile RF front-end module for CMOS technology in China, and the first reconfigurable RF front-end module based on standard CMOS technology for 4G LTE in China.

Since 2008, he started a continuous business. In 2012, we founded HunterSun Electronics, which has become the largest mobile phone RF front-end chip design enterprise in terms of sales value and volume in China. The total chip shipments exceed 3 billion. He has won “2018 Excellent Entrepreneur of the First Innovation China” in 2019, “Science Progress Award of Chinese Institute of Electronics” in 2018, and “Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award” in 2007.

Beijing Internation Seminar on Micro-Electronics & IC WORLD Conference

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