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Ye Tianchun

Ye Tianchun, born in 1965, researcher and doctoral tutor, now is serving as the Director of Institute of Microelectronics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of Research and Development Center in China Internet of Things as well as the Director General of EDA Center in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director General of China Semiconductor Industry Association and Dean of School of Microelectronics in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.. Since 2009, he has served as the head of the overall expert group and full-time technical principal of the national science and technology major project of “Great Scale Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Equipment and Complete Process (02 Special Project)”. He has long been engaged in research work in the field of integrated circuit manufacturing technology, new devices and microfabrication technology, and has obtained many leading domestic or international advanced level achievements in scientific research in the field of deep submicron and nano-processing technology, ultra high frequency compound semiconductor device research and new devices. He has published more than 200 papers (including collaborative papers) and obtained dozens of patents (including cooperative patents). In addition, he has won three Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, one Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences, one Second Prize of National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, four First Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award, and two Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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